Young Lahori Couple and Social Media Freaks

For some past few days I have been observing and watching all the frenzy over social media related to the “young couple” of Lahore, who in my opinion not only married in such a young age but also set precedent for others specially those who make false love claims to their girl/boy friends.

This relation (marriage) of love between opposite gender is the most respectable and adored relation present on earth and you cannot be more respectful to your lover if you don’t marry him/her.

At first, I just ignored the picture of this couple over social media (Facebook) and let it be gone as the normal posts from wandering pages. But, suddenly after sometime what I have observed and read over social media about this couple and their wedding was so filthy that even the sister of groom had to intervene and post on Instagram to tell the most useless population over social media that the event was happened in real and the bride and groom are both in love with each other so this is the right way to have this relation.


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The handsome groom (Asad) and the beautiful bride (Nimra) young energetic and adoring couple went viral for their wedding pictures

By their first look you may base your opinion on ages of the couple but believe me this is not mine nor your cup of tea to ponder upon. I am very upset that why this wedding is being the talk of the town these days. Unfortunately, if the things have stopped on the sharing of their wedding pictures I would haven’t written this blog on the couple and their wedding but the things gotten out of hands when even the trolls over social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and God knows on what and where, people are mocking the couple and their young age. They didn’t resort to only mocking they made fun of the pictures, their looks, their posses for wedding photo shoots, and what not.

This trend of making fun over social media is not new, this nation is so directionless that even an event like this could make them busy for more than days.

Some even gone to the lengths that they target the boy and his health and some had raised questions on their wedding in this early age.

This trend of trolling and fun making escalated to another level and the groom’s sister had to come up with words to at least give a punch to all those social media freaks to defend her bhai (brother) and bhabhi (brother’s wife). Zarpash Khan (groom’s sister) strongly put a sock on all the trolls, she stated that marriage was not forced or in minor age. Instead, the couple and their families happily consented to it. Moreover, she also announced that the newly-weds will move to Oman and continue their studies there.

Since ages we should have let the personal matters of people at their own but as I have mentioned earlier this nation is directionless and a directionless nation can be pulled easily toward even such event. We should learn to let people live their lives in happily and as per their choices. My question to those who are trolling this young couple that what is wrong “with you all”. There’s nothing wrong in getting married at such early or late age because this is the right thing between a boy / man and girl / woman.

I, on behalf of this platform extend my warmest wishes and heartiest congratulations to this young newlyweds. May Allah (God) bless them all their live amen.

Let us know in the comments below what do you think of this wedding and social media culture of ours?

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