Covid 19 and the World

No, the world will never be the same again after this mammoth catastrophe like COVID19 or commonly known as Coronavirus.

This pandemic has radically turned the sides of everything we do in or as I may write everything we were doing routinely in our lives. Everything is now different, now we have started working from home, started our workouts from home and moreover, still unable to socialize.

The thing we all want now that, we want to go back to our previous lives but this is a bitter truth that we won’t be having our past lives back sooner or later and everything will be changed now.

covid19 world is in danger hand stopping corona

To be very honest, as long as someone in the world has the virus, outbreaks of viruses like these will keep recurring until a strong vaccine appear and available for the common person.

As per the experts stringent controls needed to contain the spread of these viruses in the future. Researchers at Imperial College of London comes up with an idea, but surely no one will like it in the long run that is they proposed to impose extreme social distancing measures.

Under this stringent model, social distancing and school closures would need to be in force for most often then now. Experts say that this ‘most often’ means roughly 2 months on and 1 month off. The question is how long we have to face this situation? Well good news is not for very long the vaccine development would take roughly about 12 to 18 months. The number of affected due to COVID-19 cases overwhelms the world’s healthcare system.

Sadly, this is not a temporary disruption. This is the start of an entirely new way of life, as you have witnessed in movies and dramas but with a significant touch of reality where in the short term the businesses will be hugely impacted. People and businesses will try to adapt to this new change.

How do we survive for such a long time?

In the near future we will perhaps find difficult compromises. May be, cinema industry try distant way of seating arrangement. Meetings will be held in large and expansive rooms. Workout industry may transform itself into a appointment first industry where you may have to take appointment before training sessions. Freelancing market will thrive after this is over. We may be able to witness a boom of new service industry blooming in the midst of shut down.

covid19 world is in danger

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Ultimately, we may restore the ability to socialize safely by developing more sophisticated ways to identify who is at risk and who is not. The sad part is the cost of all of this will be borne by the poor and weak, people with less access to hospitals and facilities.

The world has changed and it is changing again. All of us will have to adapt to a new way of living, working and forging relationships.

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