Wonder Woman: The Wonder of 1984 – Trailer Review

DCEU decided to stun with another vogue. After the tremendous success of Joker they have decided to bring back the woman power.

Author: Muhammad Zarak Khan

The Amazonian Princess that we all missed is back at it! I’m sure you’ve all missed her charm in the DCEU. Well DC just released a trailer for her next film Wonder Woman 1984. The high jumping brutally honest and butt kicking lady Wonder Woman played by the extremely gorgeous Gal Gadot is back in our world! Just a little before our time of course. Oh I mean way back!

wonder woman cast hit ww84


The new exciting trailer shows us Wonder Woman fighting the forces of evil back in 1984. But wait, we also get to see a huge twist in the story. Not only is there satisfaction for the guys to see but now the girls get to feast their eyes on the incredibly handsome Chris Pine aka Steve. Yes you read it right!

The long lost love of the Wonder Woman herself, is back from the dead! How is a big mystery and there are going to be thousands of fan theories and stories about but until any of them is proved all we know that Steve is back in the timeline of the superhero.

wonder woman plane hit ww84


I, for one, am really happy for her. The last movie ended on a very tragic note where we see Steve vanish before our eyes. Just when they had made up their minds and expressed how they felt about each other Steve sadly has to sacrifice his life for the greater purpose. This not only does has a huge impact on the Wonder Woman but also melts her heart away seeing the same level of purity in another the one which she possesses.

Well somethings never change I guess. Wonder Woman still fighting the bad guys and Steve although has somehow risen from the dead is still on the side of his girl. Clearly a clever romantic touch by Director Patty Jenkins. He is actually the centre of attention in this particular trailer. My guess is that it’s not an evil twin posing to be Steve but it is actually him because he’s still seen flying an airplane in the trailer.

wonder woman 1984 trailer official-logo

Warner Bros YouTube

Let’s shed some light on the villain that we see shall we? It’s of course Maxwell Lord the wealthy businessman as we all know him. He’s portrayed by the “Game of Thrones” actor Pedro Pascal. Now we all know how convincing this person can be therefore he’s given some psychic abilities and maybe just maybe that something to do with Steve’s return. Nothing can be confirmed yet though. Guess we’ll have to wait till June 4th 2020.

Watch the Trailer Here

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