It was a fine noon in the city of Karachi when a body of a 16 year old boy Rehan was brought to JPMC Karachi. The doctors examined and declared him dead right away.

In the post-mortem report the doctors declared that the boy lost his life due to a severe head injury and the bruises on the body indicate towards torture and torment.

rehan beaten by residents robber

So what is the contextual story?

Early reports suggest that Rehan and his friend were planning to break in a bungalow in Bahadurabad vicinity. Before the pair could execute their plan, one of them (Rehan) was apprehended by the security guard of the area and the owner of the bungalow Daniyal, alongside his friend tied Rehan on the rooftop and tortured him ruthlessly to death. A video went viral where a young (Rehan) can be seen with his hand tied at the back with his pants down till his feet and blood dripping all over his face. He can be heard apologizing but it all fell onto the deaf ears.

rehan beaten by daniyal and friend

Moving ahead Sindh Police burst into the crime scene and SHO Khattak arrested the owner of the house and his alleged friend involved. On Sunday evening DIG East Amir Farooqi claimed that they have made 3 more arrests who are thought to be involved in this saga. The case is still under investigation and as things are developing it will remain in media for the next few days until the law enforcing agencies windup inquiries.

rehan beaten by residents robber dead body

This was all the “story”, but where do we stand here as humans and a community is all that matters.

One side of the story as told by the family of the boy claims that Rehan performed his duties as a butcher on Eid ul Azha and slaughtered animals at Daniyal’s place. His sole purpose of the visit was to get remaining amount pending at Daniyal’s end. But instead of paying him upfront Daniyal kidnapped the boy and with his friend’s help tortured and murdered him. They demand to register a terror case against all those involved in this heinous act.

karachi minor boy theft killed suspected

On the other hand, Daniyal and his friends are adamant that the boy was trying to enter the house with his accomplice who had a weapon. When the security guard of the area approached them, Rehan’s partner got away and Rehan was caught.

rehan beaten by daniyal and friend mercilesly

In the investigation after the incident, SHO Khattak categorically declared that Rehan did work as a butcher in the Eid season but also had a criminal record of the same nature he is allegedly murdered in. In the recent past he was arrested ‘twice’ by Bahadurabad Police due to his involvement in theft cases.

Now, imagine 2 robbers with a weapon are trying to enter your house where you and your family are living peacefully. When you catch them, would you formally hand over them to the police keeping in mind the “system” we live in and how things work out in these kind of situations? Surely not, as we all know the ground realities and can name numerous occasions where the criminals and the offenders just get away because of the political influence on law enforcing agencies or due to their financial well-being. Justice mostly is crumbled like a piece of paper and thrown in the bin without a second thought.

police gathering evidences beaten by daniyal and friend

Source: Dawn

We do agree that this act of Daniyal and his friends is not justified and should be condemned on all fronts but have we ever given a thought that why incidents like these are becoming norm in our everyday life. Distrust in our institutions is clearly evident and people are forced to take law in their hands. If there was a proper justice system, Daniyal would have called up police and handed over the boy to him who would put them behind bars. But if he had done this in the current system, Rehan would have been featuring in another CCTV footage of a robbery in ATM going viral on our phone screens or would have broken in some other house.

questioning moral values

The only moral and legal resolution of these issues is to approach the Police and fulfill your responsibility as a citizen. The government should address this issue and should draw out policies that minimize the trust deficit between the citizens and the Police. The development of trust is the most crucial and important point to get control over acts like these.

The act of Daniyal and his friends must not be glorified. Sense and responsibility should prevail in these circumstances but in this flawed system do you think will justice win someday?

Author: S.M ALI

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