Whatsapp Introduces New Features in Beta You didn’t Know

With over a billion users around the world, WhatsApp has proved to be one of the best messaging applications. It has aimed to provide impeccable services to all users. In the pursuance of such objective, WhatsApp has added new features on iOS and Android apps:

Frequently Forwarded Label

Once you update your WhatsApp, you will able to identify the messages which are frequently shared into chats and groups around the application. If the message is shared too many times, a WhatsApp alert will appear cautioning: “Forwarded many times”. The company says that one can share a message to five chats at a time. The idea behind this feature is to prevent spread of fake news. HOW GOOD IS THAT?

Fingerprint Lock

The Fingerprint Lock feature can be enabled from the private section of your updated app. WhatsApp will require to authenticate your finger print from the OS of your smart phone first. Once it is done, one can enjoy extra security since the application will be locked and can be turned on by the user’s finger print. Under the settings, WhatsApp gives three options to automatically lock the app: “Immediately”; “Lock After 1 minute”; “Lock After 30 minutes”.

However, you can still reply to messages from the notification or received calls after the lock. Another aspect of this feature is you can enable or disable context preview of the ‘New Messages’ notifications. The availability of this feature in Beta version only is a bummer though.

Consecutive voice messages

While not a news to iOS users who were already getting this feature, consecutive voice messages is now enabled for the android users as well. HURRAHS!!!! Users will now be able to listen to the voice notes continuously. When a single voice note ends, the next one automatically starts. How would a user know when a voice note ends and other starts, you ask? Well ask no more. There will be an alert sound between two voice notes!

With the inclusion of these features in new update, we are sure that the company has made this application more exciting, safer and user friendly for its users. So update your WhatsApp and enjoy the new features asap!

Author: Ali Dino

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