What Your Careem and Uber Captain Doesn’t Like About You?

Lots of Careem and Uber Captains transport commuters to their purposes around the country on behalf of their respective companies. In this, they meet all sorts of commuters both decent and depraved. But all in all the positives overcomes the negatives.

Keeping in mind that this job requires a high public facing aura.

Uber Careem Captains

Source: Uber

Analyzing complains made by the captains of Uber and Careem at various forums team Pak Spirit have made the following list of few habits related to passengers which are not welcome by the captains and it might turn their mood off during the ride.

Reach to your ride at time

Several captain complaint about the late comers. You opt to request the ride then you must be waiting for your ride to show up and once the ride show up you should get into it as early as possible without keeping the captain waiting for long. Otherwise what are you doing?

Your captain has arrived

Be gentle with the doors

Careless public and smaller children are become more and more insensitive while using someone else’s car to ride. Especially with the automatic door locking system when they try to push locked the door. Careem and Uber captains are, more often than not, using their own personal car to offer rides. They regularly said they wished riders would also treat them as their own.

Cars doors gentle grip

Greet your captain

Numerous travelers, and maybe many of the captains, want to ride in silence. Silence is good but, captains sometimes wants to have a little chit chat, given that they have no supervisor or workplace and that car if their office or cubicle.

So, it is a good idea to first, greet your captain, it would also made his/her mood and then have a slight discussion about a mutual topic about the current affairs or anything not threatening or politically associated.

Do not eat or drink without permission

Eating inside even in your own vehicle will left an odor which you may like afterwards, but we are not sure about others. Same goes for the rides you order with Careem and Uber. If you want to eat something first ask for permission from the captain and let him know what you will be going to eat. As many foods leave niggling smell which others don’t want to have near their nose buds.

Don't eat inside car

Be patient do not smoke and please don’t ask permission for it

Most from the young generation these days is involved in smoking. Many captains complain about many individuals who starts smoking without asking for permission and then captains have to deactivate their application and wait till the smoke and smell leave the car because future passengers want a comfy ride without smoke, smell or cigarettes.

Don't smoke inside car

What should we do?

Usual passengers should treat the car and captains as politely and gently as they could. It will also last an impression on the mind of captains for you. Captains would also be very happy to give you your ratings as a good commuter.

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