Vulgar Condition of Public Transport in Big Cities

vulgar transport picture islamabad

Yesterday over social network site a responsible citizen has shared a picture along with a message attached to that picture, actually a vulgar one. People who use to travel in the local transport of Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Quetta can also relate to such situations if encountered before.

Over twitter a citizen has tagged the Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad on a tweet and launched a complaint against the driver, vulgar message and transport in the Islamabad city (not all heroes wear cape). In that particular tweet he also reminded the government the responsibility to provide quality, affordable, and respectable public transport.

The cringey thing was the message an open invitation to the female passengers to share their personal numbers with the driver. Vivid text can be seen in Urdu language in the above captioned picture.

“دیکھتی ہی رہوں گی یا نمبر بھی دو گی” was the vulgar phrase that cause the frenzy over the social media population of Islamabad. After the complaint authorities got into action and within just hours of struggle the officials of Islamabad city were able to apprehend the offender. Further, the authorities have not only stopped the driver but also locked him up and banned his vehicle on the road by canceling his route permit.

This is the case of public transport in Islamabad and if you want to know the current condition of public transport in Karachi then please have a safe ride while traveling from one stop to a longer route because the writer of this article already have years of experience in local buses travel in the Karachi city and isn’t in mood to discuss any of it right now.

vulgar transport picture islamabad issues

Obviously, people have appreciated the efforts of deputy commissioner and also highlighted the issues female as well male passengers face during commuting from one place to another. To some extent this issue have been addressed by the availability of private sector transport in the big cities of Pakistan. Nevertheless, provision of public transport is the responsibility of government.

One thing which is more of importance is that most of the big cities of Pakistan including but not limited to Karachi, Islamabad, Quetta, Peshawar and other vital cities does not have proper public transport network owned by the government either federal or local.

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