UFO or UFP: Are the aliens living among us?

Since your childhood you must have come across a term UFO (unknown flying object) or till date you still hear or use a word alien, right? Well then what if I tell you the UFO or UFP (unknown flying phenomena) or AAV (advanced aerial vehicle) are some interchangeable terms often used by the government of super heroes nation USA in their official records, you should be amazed, why because most of you have read or heard the later two terminologies for the very first time.

Former Senator from the state of Nevada tweeted

The modern and ancient history of humankind is full of such incidents, accidents and events which one way or another point towards the presence of some other beings in our world. These other beings must have been aliens, may be.

Since my early days of adolescence I was very curious about the aliens and their presence in our world. Since beginning many governments of this world have denied any such presence of extraterrestrial life but recently the Defense Department of USA released a series of previously classified videos of flying craft that it has simply labeled as “aerial phenomena” — that remain “unidentified.”

Ring the bells to your brain?

You won’t believe it but the 3 videos show what the pilots of American Navy saw during training flights in 2004 and 2015. Out of these 3 videos 2 were already published by the New York Times in 2017. The other video was released by the To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science group, a media and private science organization.

One video of 2004 became famous because of the Cmdr David Fravor which shows an incident that happened 100 miles out over the Pacific Ocean, according to the New York Times. Commander David Fravor and his co-pilot found a rhombus object airborne above the ocean waters. The unknown flying object then flew away quickly. “It accelerated like nothing I’ve ever seen,”, Cmdr David Fravor told the NYT.

In the second video filmed in 2015 it shows that particularly an AAV moving through the air, one of which was spinning. A pilot is heard saying: “Look at that thing, dude! It’s rotating!”

The fascination with the unexplained never goes away. And the phenomenon which attached to anything like supernatural or entirely unidentifiable is perhaps one of the most potent of these stories, linking uncertainty about worlds beyond our own to conspiracy theories about government and especially the US government.

Well, for the conspiracy theorists like me and others the US government sought to harness advanced alien technology in the Area 51 located in the state of Nevada which is in real “may be” the testing base for advanced aircraft.

People and myself with the passage of time have regarded most of these theories outlandish or phony. But in 2017, the Pentagon did finally admit that it had a long-standing program, now terminated, investigating alleged UFOs.

Wow! I didn’t know this

In September 2019 a social media group invited people to an event to storm Area 51 and more than 1 million registered to attend that event which disappointingly resulted in only 75 people in actual arriving at Area 51. The invitation sparked festivals all across Nevada. A local sheriff estimated 1,500 people attended those festivals, underscoring the pop culture interest in evidence of extraterrestrial life.

In 2018 the Irish Aviation Authority investigated a sighting of a reported UFO by commercial airline pilots. The IAA said it would investigate the sightings but a spokesman for the organization said it was unlikely that the objects were beings from another planet.

Alright folks time to let this debate resurface and find the truth beneath suppressed documents. Here I am sharing some videos with our readers to have a look and enjoy in the days of all shut (lock down).

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