Twitteratis Crazy Over Reports of Babar Azam’s Engagement

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Twitteratis across Pakistan are currently going crazy over reports of Babar Azam’s engagement with his “Cousin”.

Cricketing fans from Pakistan predicting, likely to be Bhabhi by tweeting and making speculations about Pakistani skipper Babar Azam’s relation with his other half.

The twitteratis gone in frenzy after a report of Babar Azam getting attached emerged on Tuesday.

In a report it was revealed on Tuesday that skipper is set to marry his cousin next year.


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It has been agreed between the families of the cricketer and his cousin that the two will be married next year, confirmed sources.

According to the sources the batsman has agreed to marry his paternal uncle’s daughter.

Unexpectedly, a day before the news former Pakistan Test cricket captain Azhar Ali advised Azam to tie the knot.

Former test captain was hosting a question-and-answer session over Twitter.

Twitteratis expressed their views as:

A Twitter user said Azam, who hits world-class bowlers, has fallen “prey” to cousin marriage.

“So babar azam got engaged to his phuphi (father’s sister) ki beti?” asks a Twitter user.

Another user said if Azam could not escape cousin marriage, then who are we.

A netizen asked did Azam also get hitched to his aunt’s daughter?

“Everything is temporary but cousin marriage is permanent,” wrote a user.

A user said no matter how rich or famous a person is, they cannot escape their aunt’s daughter.

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