Top Best Android Apps of 2019 for the Fans

Google Play Store (official android application platform) has now more than 2.9 million application as of December this year. There are humongous number of applications available ranging from gaming, cooking, books to the horizons of your brain you can imagine.

Considering this huge number we have decided to research and come up with the best applications of 2019 based on usage for our readers to save their time. So ladies and gentlemen without further ado we present you the best applications of 2019.

1. Shazam

Shazam adroid application


Your favorite music or song is playing and you remember nothing? Don’t worry.

Shazam is considered the best music hunt application in the world of android applications and it has been downloaded over millions of time. Through this application you can detect the song, singer, lyrics any video or related tracks within seconds. All you need to do is to hold your device nearer to the source playing your favorite music.

2. Tiny Scanner

tiny scanner app pak spirit

Have documents to scan and no scanner? Don’t worry.

Tiny Scanner provide you the ability to make your picture a scanned document. It is lighter in size with just 15mbs of space required to install. So don’t worry about the space issues in your device. This tiny scanner in your pocket will help you scan your documents, reports, pictures and more. It also works on tablets so it is for your tablets too.

3. Podcast Addict

podacast addict


This exclusive application is for the fans of podcast and audio listeners who wants to listen, get amuse or have fun while listening their favorite book. Application features an easy and comprehendible user interface. This application is loaded with tones of podcasts and at the same time you can search your favorite ones too.

4. Nova Launcher

nova launcher application


Got so tired of your old icons, display screen, and labels? People are claiming that after using Nova Launcher they will not use any other launcher application for their cell phones. Termed as the best launcher by far by the fans is the best. This application is light, fast and contain stacks of customizations. The application is free of cost but features a premier version for its paid customers.

5. Curiosity

curiosity application android

This application feature loads of different topics to ponder upon and discover the world around you. Here you can read articles, watch small and selected videos, search articles and videos, and choose you favorite station to listen to. Curiosity brings the knowledge to your fingertips.

2.9 Million Applications and Counting

6. AirDroid

airdroid application android

Air Droid offer a real time screen mirroring facility from your phone to your desktop or laptop PC. In order to use this application you must have to install it in your mobile phone and the personal computer where you want to use it. Through this application you can transfer files, see notifications, reply to SMS, backup and sync and much more.

7. Automate

automate new android application

As its name suggest, Automate allows its users to automate different tasks with the help of easily defined flowcharts. Users can automate several tasks to adjust system volume, Wi-Fi, data, etc. this application even helps in automate the SMS and email sending process. You can automate more or less the whole thing.

8. LastPass Password Manager

lastPass password manager application


Memorizing the passwords for too many social media platforms that too in a secure pocket of your brain is not easy. To solve this problem LastPass provide its users a unique and secure space to store different passwords for their scattered social media, emails or other accounts. All users have to do is to remember their LastPass main password, and LastPass will auto fill web browsers and app logins for them.

9. PicsArt

best photo editing apps


PicsArt stands as one of the best picture editing application where users can experience mesmerizing editing and changes they can make to their pictures. It has effects, features, filters and more than you can imagine. One of the best thing is that this application is free of cost but some features may cost a user a bit.

10. Alarmy

alarmy application annoying alarm

So you are a lazy person and doesn’t want to wake up early but still you have to wake up early? Alarmy got you covered. Before you can snooze this application while buzzing like hell on to your ears this application ask you to solve some puzzle which difficulty level is set by the user preferences. Nicknamed as “the most annoying app,” the alarm app should be your priority.

Find this list of best Android apps for 2019 to be helpful? Share your views in the comment section.

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