Top 10 Websites to Learn Excel Online

Microsoft Excel

People who have skills whether online or offline are more successful than their counterparts. These skills may vary from system language expert to cooking your favorite meal in your household kitchen and then selling it over internet. In these set of skills an important tool available since long for the workers and students, which helps and create a better overall functioning image among colleagues and fellows is Microsoft Excel

An excellent tool for everyone

Microsoft developed a spreadsheet tool with the name Microsoft Excel, till date Excel has successfully replaced the use of Lotus 1-2-3 in the industry for spreadsheet use. It has spreadsheets, workbook and much more. Some regard it as a house of software for mini working factory.

Top 10 online sites to learn this giant tool

1. Microsoft Excel Help Center

The page start with a search box asking you to write your query and search for results as you do in Google instead you will be provided with solutions regarding your Excel problems. Moreover you can also watch some useful basic help videos there.

excel help center pakspirit

2. Excel Exposure

Excel Exposure provides you an opportunity to learn online Excel as per your own schedule and routine. Website provides its users video training, lectures and material to aid progress Excel expertise.

excel exposure pakspirit

3. Chandoo

Chandoo provide its users a unique and easy way to have understand the complex nature of Microsoft Excel along with Power BI. Chandoo have online video tutorials, tips and examples to make the users feel at a professional class room.

excel chandoo pakspirit

4. Excel Central

Excel Central is a YouTube channel with a website of a different name. There you can learn many basic Excel features for free and more expertise you can gain for amount worth pennies.

excel central pakspirit

5. Contextures

Contextures claimed to have everything a person needs to become an Excel Master. People can learn by numerous lucrative methods like viewing and doing online.

excel contextures pakspirit

6. Excel Hero

Well, Excel Hero is a blog where you can learn your favorite tool for free in the form of workbooks which you can also download. According to their home page, “If you are interested in learning how Excel thinks, you have come to the right place”

excel hero pakspirit

7. Mr. Excel

Mr. Excel is like your uncle who wants you to be a better person at a certain skills from his own experiences and perspective. As per their website they debuted in late 1998 and one stop for tips and solutions.

excel mrexcel pakspirit

8. Improve Your Excel

They have solutions to almost every Excel problem, nah just kidding, they have much more to explore than the problems only.

excel improve your excel pakspirit

9. Excel Easy

Excel Easy offers tutorials on how to use some basic Excel functions which in daily routine you might forgot to use properly as once I forgot how to correctly use the Index-Match function of MS-Excel.

excel easy pakspirit

10. Excel Jet

Excel Jet gives you easy and short handy solutions. They also have short videos on Excel formulas and uses without leaning on to a single topic.

excel jet pakspirit

Well, in the end this list is not an exhaustive list you can provide suggestions, additions or may be some key highlights regarding MS – Excel.

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