Top 10 Most Searched Keyword Queries over Google

Have you ever wondered what people around the world searched the most over Google? To your surprise the most searched keywords aren’t those which you may have thought of but it also includes some graphic words. Yes! Words that are even graphic which you don’t want to write before anyone you know and love.

The world of keywords let you know what is being searched all around the world at what time. Our list may not be inclusive of all related details and keywords searches but it is based upon the data present over several keywords search websites.

So, let’s start our list of most searched top 10 keywords over Google around the world.


1. Facebook

Facebook is the first most popular social media website. It is famous for its easy to use user interface and user-friendly experience. People since 2005 tends to use Facebook more than any other social media platform. With over 2.6 billion monthly active users as of 2020, Facebook is the prime social network globally.

Most Searched Words Over World Wide Web FB

2. YouTube

Watch your favorite videos that too for free of charge. YouTube has 2 billion users worldwide. 79% of Internet users have their own YouTube account. Almost 8 out of 10 marketers consider YouTube to be the most effective video marketing platform

Most Searched Words Over World Wide Web For YouTube

3. Google

Now that is something interesting. A great number of people does not recognize the search bar of Google Chrome web-browser so what they do, they first write Google in the search bar of the Chrome browser then they click on the link of Google. So, in this way Google is also a main searched keyword over internet.

Most Searched Words Over World Wide Web Google

4. Gmail

Launched in the year 2004, as of 2019 according to a report of CNBC more than 1.5 Billion users have their email account on Gmail. Gmail is another product of Google just like many others. Many people search directly over Google for Gmail rather typing Gmail.com to initialize their account in this way Gmail also resulted in the top 10 searched keywords.

Most Searched Words Over World Wide Web Gmail

5. Hotmail

With over 400 million users worldwide Hotmail / Outlook is the second most popular email provider in the world. Outlook.com is the existing name for Microsoft’s email service, formerly known as Hotmail. Outlook is the web app that lets you browse your Outlook.com email account. It’s part of the Outlook on the web suite of web apps. Outlook (or Office Outlook) is Microsoft’s desktop email client.

Most Searched Words Over World Wide Web Hotmail


Now this is you don’t want to search in front of anyone. These four letters written as a single word doesn’t constitute to a moral search over web. Nonetheless, people around the world are searching for this adult content website which ranked this illicit word on number 6 in the keyword search results. It is a request to our users please do not search for this keyword as this isn’t a moral search.

Most Searched Words Over World Wide Web For Number

7. XVideos

The case is same as defined above. Please refrain from searching the number 7 over Google or web. Illicit content doesn’t provide you anything good but harm for you and your mental health for more you can read our article on the harmful effects of illicit content.

8. Amazon

Launched in the year 1995 this online giant of Jeff Bezos just like AliBaba of Jack Ma, is an American multinational conglomerate technology company based in Seattle that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. It is considered one of the Big 4 technology companies, along with Google, Apple, and Microsoft. This makes this word or name of the company a most searched keyword over the worldwide web (www).

Most Searched Words Over World Wide Web Amazon

9. Translator

Google translator does not only provide you the translation from one language to many other languages but also people use it to learn proper pronunciations of various words in other languages. This unique usability makes it 9th most searched keyword over the web (Google).

Most Search Words Over World Wide Web Google Translate

10. XXX

xXx is a series of movies featuring many super stars from Hollywood and Bollywood. But on the other hand, it is another ferocious illicit adult content word which lead to unethical content over web. People or new users who want to search for the Hollywood movie sometimes end up visiting adult content over website. We suggest our readers if they want to search for the movie they should write in this manner x.X.x and followed with some other words like state or union or Xander Cage.

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