Top 10 F*cking Rules to be okay in life

F*cking Rules (F*ck rules)

1. So ever wonder why this world is getting prizes and you are getting just onions?

2. Did you ever feel fatigue and want to quit before you achieve something even ordinary?

3. Did you feel the urge of ‘have to’ rather ‘get to’?

4. Did you ever feel like you get nothing out of everything?

5. Did you feel lazy enough to even not attempt something good?

6. Do you give a flying f*ck almost about everything?

7. Are you a story teller or maker?

8. Do you lie to yourself?

9. I know you weep like babies if life gets hard on you.

10. And the last one is you want to control what is not even in your control. (Yeah now speak through foul language about K-Electric for hours because it just shutdown electricity in your area)

Now let me tell you 10 most successful, wait what? “most successful”, well, that’s nothing but bullshit. The thing is being “okay”

1. Embrace the change, change yourself, your environment, your friends (toxic ones), may be your profession (if it does not suit you), change your thoughts, feelings, and sentiments, try every day the thing is “try and accept” stop waiting for angels to show you enlightened path.

2. Stop yourself from harming your own self from intoxicants you take in the form of smoke, drink, food, watch or likewise.

3. No. Try to learn to say no to others when it matters. Too much yes can lead to harm and nothing.

4. You want to control matters out of your control, then you must get to the top rather bullshitting about it.

5. Leave. Leave those who wants to keep you down like them (not down to earth but below the belt).

6. Grow up, share your grievances with your nearest ones don’t be a deadwood sometimes life gets hard and even we have to have a shoulder and it is not necessary that the shoulder is of a human being. It could be a pet animal, a good book, a good old video game or other activity which does not come from leisure.

7. Don’t waste whole day use it before it ends.

8. Don’t believe in fairy tales. Tales doesn’t last much so be practical and rational and open your both eyes (brain and brawn).

9. It’s time to act rather wait anymore.

10. Be productive, mind your own f*cking business.

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