Top 10 Dangerous Places For Women Travelers 2019

Females traveling to these places must exercise extreme caution

Ladies are traveling more than ever and eventually a lady would also require somewhat more care and safety than the other gender.

The premier of WorldAware, a multinational risk managing company, even told that it’s “100% easier to be a man” traveling than a woman.

Here is the list of top 10 dangerous places

1. South Africa

SA lacks the basic arrangements required to provide street safety and many other factors. Tourist women to South Africa are cautioned not to trek, drive, and walk or move alone. Females in South Africa have been historically treated unkindly, but situations have been slowly improving.

women sa

City Press – News 24

2. Brazil

The US administration advises tourists not to walk unaccompanied after dark or to substantially struggle during any mugging attempts. Brazil also not performed well in the international gender gap category.

women brazil


3. Russia

The Russians are not an exception when it comes to behavior towards female counterparts. Counting under average on both the deliberate murder against women and non-partner sexual violence, Russia is at number 3 on our list.

women russia

World Wide Photo Web

4. India

Tourist females are more prone to attack and be a victim of either rape or harassment in India, every now and then you read over social media or international news about rape cases or an attempt to murder after sexual violence. India also had poor standings in close partner forcefulness and the gender gap. Most of the women who are raped in India knew the perpetrator.

women unsafe

Green Ubuntu

5. Egypt

Egypt was also the 10th most horrible for boulevard security. It also has unfortunate matrimonial and separation rules and fairly meager government representation. Egypt graded critically in both the global gender gap and gender inequality.

women egypt


6. Morocco

The street safety score was not much better compared to previous countries. Morocco placed 6th in our list for close companion ferocity.

women moroco

Middle East Monitor

7. Thailand

Thailand is far behind in gender equality and rights for other genders. Thailand also ranks lower in close partners intimacy and understanding.

women thailand

Asian Correspondent

8. Iran

Iran scored quite dreadfully with inequity and percipience groups placing Iran at 8th poorest in our index. Iran also scores badly in the Global Gender Gap study.

women iran

The Independent

9. Mexico

Street safety, intentional murders and sexual violence are the three top areas that Mexico ranked worst. Numerous broadcast information have sited that regrettably Mexico is becoming unsafe and it’s good to surrounded by your resort to curtail undesirable events.

women mexico

Matador Network

10. Cambodia

Cambodia ranked poorest for violence against females’ approaches and gender inequality. It also counted under the weather with the global gender gap and street safety.

women cambodia


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