TikTok Star Rapper Ghani Tiger Asks for Justice and Counter Narrative

A video went viral on social media in which one can watch Ghani Tiger (a tiktok star from city of Sialkot and district Pasrur) weeping nonstop and pleading for justice from the authorities where he also asked Imran Khan the Prime Minister Prime of Pakistan to take notice of the incident. He posted the video online on social media after his father was brutally murdered and his brother was shot in Pasrur, Punjab on Saturday 2nd May.

The unfortunate event happened in Pasrur a town of Sialkot, from where the TikTok star hails. In the video Ghani claimed that mob of around 50 to 60 people came to his house holding rods and pistols and viciously beat his father (late) and brother who is now in a hospital.

In the same video Ghani also accused ATI (Anjuman-e-Talbaye Islam) Pasrur and named some culprits allegedly involved. Ghani while recalling the event in the video said, almost 50 to 60 people beat up his father when there was no one there from his family. Ghani said he would not remain silent until his appeal was heard among the highest official ranks.

As usual the incident became a hot topic and started to trend over social media specially on Twitter with the hashtag #JusticeforDawoodButt.

Punjab police arrested three culprits who killed rapper Ghani Tiger’s father

Ghani updated the community in another video shared by Atif Nazir Superintendent of Police over twitter where SSP said: “Apropos of unfortunate incident at Pasrur in which father of famous TikTok star was murdered and uploading his previous video, his latest video about police efforts is uploaded. Listen and share it further.” In the video, Ghani said that the police helped the family immediately after the incident and three of the perpetrators have been arrested.

Counter Narrative

Ghani has accused some people with their names where he also mentioned an organization operating in the Pasrur town of Sialkot with the name of ATI in Punjab. Through research and efforts to find the story from other side we have found a video from Danish Varaich Mustafai claiming to be the district Nazim and spokesperson of ATI. In this video the spokesperson has said that his good wishes and help is with Ghani and he along with his organization ready to assist Ghani and his family in this matter. Further, he quoted that the accused to whom Ghani named in the video has now have no affiliation with ATI Punjab and raised some questions to answer.

However; the case must be concluded and culprits be served with what they deserve for their crimes. Government should establish its writ and stop these kinds of incidents in the future where a family left with lifelong bruises and have to morn their loved ones for their entire lives.

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