Thor: The Norwegian God of Thunder by Netflix

Netflix is about to drop their new superhero six part series on the 31st of January

This is the first fully commissioned Norwegian show based on Norse Mythology. The drama depicts the God of Thunder and his mischievous brother Loki. Don’t be confused because I know what just crossed your minds even though the word “Norwegian” was mentioned just a tad bit ago. So yes do not picture the hunky devil Chris Hemsworth and the really sleazy yet good looking Tom Hiddleston. Instead let’s take it back a notch and imagine these characters to be Norwegian High School teenagers. The whole drama is based on the story of the Norse Mythology where the Gods will fight the giants on the occasion of Ragnarok which will ultimately lead to their deaths.

thor thunder god norwegian netflix


The trailer for this exciting show has been dropped and shows that the giants won’t be actual giants but business tycoons of their own particular fields and they will reign chaos through pollution and global warming. The trailer also doesn’t fail to show the showcase of the young heroes powers where we can see lightning surging through the skies which is a clear indication of Thor’s doing. Duhhhhh. Don’t miss the fact that the boys at first are totally unaware of these powers at first and have just learned something new about their life. They are definitely not scared and are amused from this discovery which leads them to jump deeper into this mystery that they have unraveled. This in turn leads them to shine a little brighter than they should have been shining at that time. Therefore enemies emerge and they will have to go through strict circumstances and play the part that they have been destined to.

Netflix is definitely going to have to up their game for this lot as MCU fans will most definitely have their eyes glued to their screens for this version of their favourite strongest avenger.

Hop on board the Norwegian band wagon when the series premieres on Netflix on January 31.

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