The Unsung Heroes-Doctors of Pakistan

Generally people enjoy on Eid days and consume delightful foodstuffs but on this occasion of happiness and joy some selfless doctors treat thousands of patients in emergency wards, indoor across Pakistan in secondary and tertiary care hospitals to save important human lives.

Dr. Muhammad Rafiq Ali Kanhar is one of them, the Cardiologist got emergency call at 8:00 hours in the morning related to a serious cardiac patient, at the time when he was planning for Eid Namaz.

He only had one option to choose either go for Namaz and let the patient in that condition or attend the patient and try his very best to save one precious life. He could not offer prayers but did successive Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) at NICVD Khairpur and save an important life.

The real life does not have heroes they said but little bit they know doctors are real life heroes and he is a hero.

Doctor working on eid day


And he is not the only one who did this great job but there are many other who are doing great work but they are not recorded and not reported nor can anyone talk about them. So all those undertaking such great work deserve to be appreciated.

At this crucial time when people are talking against Dr.(s) community and are thankless for Dr.(s) services then we like always have started highlighting positive things and we all should share this.

Generally speaking, some of the people do not like to appreciate such acts saying they have their duties and they got paid for what they do. Okay! The Dr.(s) are getting paid for their work and have been appointed on Eid duties , but still they deserve to be appreciated because they do a noble job, they save lives, they bring people back to life, they bring smiles back to the sad faces.

This is a great job done. Let’s appreciate what matters and what needs to be appreciated in its right manner.

Source: College Of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan Leaks – Facebook Page

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