The Batman is a Go! Live from Gotham City

Ben Affleck turned down his role to further work as the masked crusader, The Batman. He said that he should let it go as he couldn’t quite crack the character. He further added that there are other exciting candidates for the role and that he’s interested to see who’ll be next.

The legacy has now landed in the hands of our iconic vampire of the decade, Robert Pattinson from the twilight saga. The fans had mixed reviews about the news but the actor is grateful and astonished. He couldn’t believe it himself and said “It’s kind of insane,” Robert received a couple of tight packed roles just like the masterpiece of Lighthouse which had just reached us recently on the big screen. After a role like that he no longer needs to prove himself that surely he is going to perform justice with the image of the caped crusader.

Although recently there had been some rumours that shooting had come to a haul. This was due to the fact that the hero was having difficulties to put on some extra pounds for the role. Grace Randolph in a recent Youtube stream disclosed that Robert was being unable to buff himself up for the role. He also added that if by this time he is unable to do so than there is no hope for the future and that you just have to accept that you have a skinny Batman.

robert pattinson new batman 2021

Nevertheless, the extra pounds will have no meaning if the character isn’t portrayed in its true colours. It all lies in the darkness and the agility that the caped crusader depicts just like a bat in the dark. He uses the art of deception and fear to outsmart his enemies and let justice prevail. We bet that Robert after proving more than a couple times that he has nurtured into an exceptional artist will definitely live up to the expectations and dazzle us with his eccentric skills of acting.

Director Matt Reeves has decided to cast Zoe kravitz as the next Catwoman. Jeffrey Wright will be playing as Commissioner Gordon, the classic ally to the Dark Knight. Collin Ferrels to take upon the role of the Penguin. Paul Dano as the mischievous and rather intelligent villain, The Riddler. Andy Serkis is in the talks of playing the full of wisdom and most sober character of the franchise, Alfred.

Author: Zarak Khan

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