Tale of A Cook with Harmony and Empathy

Story of a home cook

I ordered a Meal from home-based Business Yesterday!

She agreed to deliver at 7! Until she called me at 6 mentioning she can’t bake buns due to oven issue and if I could accept buns from bakery? I said it’s fine.

At 7:30, she called saying she’ll be more late because her daughter isn’t well. I said it’s okay I’ll have it in my dinner.

At 8:30 she called, crying telling the rider has refused to deliver. She went on saying, her husband is in denial to further run this business saying few orders are worth no profit. I recommended her to get it delivered via bike delivery and it made it to me – Finally!!

She couldn’t be more relieved that I wasn’t mad and there wasn’t a bad review popping up to her page!

I have never been this patient until I got into real business myself. It came with realization that when life has got to create a mess, it will create a mess. The only thing that could save a rainy day is TIMELY COMMUNICATION & DAMAGE CONTROL!

“Having Bad Day” is a real thing. Go easy on everyone you engage. People working in business and service delivery share same problems as us. Some of them even go through fire to put up a show for you.

Home chef Rashmi Sahijwala ratio

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