Storm Clouds of World War III over the World Once Again

“World War I” was fought between Europe and some Asian Pacific countries where an incident happened in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina resulting in murder of Franz Ferdinand, then expected heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

“World War II” was also fought between Europe and some Asian Pacific countries but this time there was no “single” event, but then a series of actions and reactions resulted in another devastating catastrophe which engulf all the major world countries.

The analogy between these two events lead us to the answer, a single triggering point in time when tensions were highest at the point but remained hidden and the chain of actions and reactions. After these wars, the world has decided to bring peace all over the globe, end the war mantra and curb the elements causing horrible damages through these battles. However, in the aftermaths as happened before, the winners have gotten their piece of cake, still the hunger for more lies in the stomachs of those who were starving, you know my point here.

US attacked Vietnam and North Korea, while Afghanistan suffered in the hands of then Soviet Union. World at that time remain a cool spectator and have not done anything to prevent such aggression no matter from whom. If you think the world was at peace in any given point of time after the first two world wars, you are dearly mistaking. Since the end of world wars the world has become more violent, aggressive, murderous and devastating.

After 911 USA attacked Afghanistan and removed the Taliban from the power. USA sought the help or NATO and non-NATO allied countries and what happened next? The world armies gathered under one flag in Afghanistan. But this doesn’t end here. USA then attacked Iraq over the possible presence of weapons of mass destruction.

Now, after a very long time the world has become a place where no one is safe anymore no matter where they belong. The chaos that begin after the 911 is not halted yet. This anarchy has resulted in governments toppled, revolts against long dictatorships, regions engulfed into fire of protests and ended up in the hands of terrorists. Deaths, millions of innocent deaths recorded since then. USA has dropped mother of all bombs on Afghanistan just to demonstrate its military might.

In the wake of recent developments Andrew Exum of “The Atlantic” written today in his article; this doesn’t mean war, it will not lead to war, and it doesn’t risk war. It is war.

The clouds of “World War III” are hurling over world but this time the stage would be different players would be different the beginners and the responders will be different. The small triggering event that caused the world war back then could lead towards the world war now. The question here is, history have the audacity to repeat itself and toss the world into the flames of another shattering nuclear war which surely could not end well but result in all end.

Twitter since morning trending WWIII, Facebook is covered with the posts and talks of this event. WhatsApp has sent and received countless texts in this regard, the entirety of fear is mounting like never before. As I said earlier, the world was not a safe place before neither now it will become more.
Escalations might lead to an unstoppable war that could possibly be turned into a full scale nuclear war. In that case what will happen? Well the best answer we would get from the ones who remain even after that distressing, horrific and all destroying war.

Let’s pray to the Almighty that keep us safe keep this eminent threat of all destructive war away from the world as the innocents are already suffering due to other more lethal problems present at the micro-levels.

In the end I would say that the world is on the brink of another global scale catastrophe.



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