Storm Area 51 – They Can’t Stop All of Us

It has all started in the Summer of July 2019, when a Facebook junky along with another FB junky decided to bring together a huge crowd of people to storm Area 51 which is situated in Nevada desert. For this they have organized an event over Facebook with the title “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us.”

Well, I am not pretty much sure about the idea of storming a place which would be heavily guarded with God knows what they have there. But here I can analyze the possibilities of storming the Area 51 and what would come next if the people could possibly be able to store it in a massive million numbers.

Storm Area 51 Facebook Event

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Let’s check if anyone could make it that far:

If by chance you ever come about to roam into the Nevada desert and accidentally stumble upon a secret U.S military base Area 51 then most probably you would quickly be arrested, killed at sight or maybe even captured by aliens. But you would organize one million other people through social media to storm Area 51 right? I mean how they could stop us all?

If you do not have any idea about Area 51 then let me tell you this is a highly secret US military base it’s profoundly rumored to have top-secret military equipment and maybe aliens. For times it’s been the basis of conspiracy theories but now people have decided to see if any of those theories are true.

Storm Area 51 Facebook Event Restrictions

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How do you get to Area 51?

It’s restricted to the general public so it may not be on your GPS but there are guides available online that you will need to use. The nearby airport is in Las Vegas from there people will have to arrange the vehicles to shuttle towards Southern Nevada desert for several hours. Keep in your notice that you would not be alone doing this there would be more than one million people doing the same thing.

Storm Area 51 Facebook Event Restriction Military

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According to a report till 2018 Nevada’s most populated city, Las Vegas has less than 700,000 people living in it. The state of Nevada only has about 3 million people. Addition of another million people all at once would seriously damage Nevada’s infrastructure the roads to get to Area 51 aren’t eight-lane highways instead they are small two-lane roads and dirt trails.

After all the information I have shared with you still if one million folks remain certain to do this they may not even make it to the military base instead they may get stuck in traffic or get into an accident so much for seeing aliens. But let’s picture that somehow they accomplish to make it to the front gates now one million people are ready to storm Area 51.


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It would not be a good idea:

Well, peaceful people storming the Area 51, wouldn’t be carrying any arms and they are just basically running into the base as soon as they crossed Area 51 borders. Right, wrong you would quickly be met with base’s private security these people also known as Camo dudes, have weapons in hands and they particularly petrol the base 24/7 in white pickup trucks. People would not be able to sneak up on any of these Camo dudes because they surely know about the coming and it would be impossible to keep it a secret.

cammo dudes storm area 51

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Area 51 is a detachment of Edwards air force base which is located in southern California where thousands of active military personnel are posted. People could expect to see them along with thousands of other armed members they have with their limitless ammunition.

The military would try to keep losses at a minimum but they would still be hitting everyone with non-lethal armaments and they would still be determined to keep what’s inside the Area 51 a secret at any cost. So most probably they would go to any limit.

area 51 helicopters storm area 51

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Why it would not be a good idea?

If people one way or another succeed to sneak past all the barriers, well anyhow they still would not be at the actual Area 51 base. People would have to find it that is because the original Area 51 base occupies a space of 150 sq.km but the property surrounded it is 1600 sq.km. It’s reported that the base is unnoticeable with black tinted windows and hardly any lights coming from the base.

The storming crowd could be roaming for hours before they would found it. We are not certain what is inside there, which is what makes this so exciting for people to find out. Some experts suggested that the base is severely contaminated with years of governmental experimentation.

Now if the thing is true related to pollutants related to nuclear and non-nuclear experiments then there are chances that people would get sick and die before the bullets or judicial proceedings after arrest.

Storm Area 51 Facebook Event Good Bye Aliens

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Just wait till the day aliens would choose to visit the earth and this appears not difficult these days by the way.

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