End of month brings out the worst of situations for an employed person, that fore-mostly includes never ending complaints of “Month end hogaya yaar, we are low on the budget”. But of course the sudden food cravings can never be extinguished by such thoughts, you may resist and contemplate buying that new watch/dress but one can never say no to food especially if they hail from a foodie mindset.

For all such cravings, foodpanda has got you covered. The effort is simple:

  1. Login to your foodpanda app
  2. See which of the outlets are offering 50% in your vicinity
  3. Order away!

These savories were ordered from Slamvich and NewYork Coffee SMCHS.

The cheesy melt sandwich from Slamvich costed us around Rs. 84 after 50% discount, and as you can witness the cheese pull was worth drooling for. So i would rate that 7.5/10.

It was a combination of melted cheddar and mozzarella cheese that transports you in a guilt road trip of being fat (even if you aren’t).

The crispy fried chicken strips from New York Coffee was finger licking delicious. A savory that I have eaten thrice this month and wont regret ordering again even. The tender chicken coated with the crispy layer was served hot with honey mustard sauce.

P.S: I still get to see such negative reviews about foodpanda at other pages. Lets spread the good they are doing.

They are good okay?

Especially the riders are working really diligently in providing us piping hot food as it is prepared.
What else one needs in life?

Well place your orders now! 🤩

From the plate of a foodie Farah Jamil

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