SHO’s motorcycle stolen from inside the police station

Satire, not really

Just when people of Karachi were mourning about the law and order situation in the city of lights something astounding happened in one of the twin cities i.e. Rawalpindi. It is like a thief being robbed by his own brethren, well not exactly. A robbery has been held with a LEAs personnel in Rawalpindi.

A Pakistani Police Station House Officer in Rawalpindi has been left emotionally broke after his bike, yes his own motorbike got stolen that too from inside the Police Station.

This has regarded as the mother of irony by the digital media of the country because this is something out of this world. I mean, how can a policeman got robbed by his tangible valuables that too inside a police station.

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Dawn news reported: “When contacted, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Civil Lines Circle Beenish Fatima confirmed to Dawn that the bike of the SHO had gone missing from the police station”. Further, she said: “SHO Tahir Shah is an honest man and he cleared areas in his jurisdiction from criminals. It may be a conspiracy against him”.

This is a case of not only surprise to the LEAs of the country but also to general public as the common man the one who is tremendously suffering due to the current disorder in the big cities of Pakistan. Here, in this case the victim SHO Sub-Inspector Tahir Shah lodged a complaint himself against unknown robbers in the exact same police station.

CPO has ordered SP Syed Ali for holding an inquiry into the incident.

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The robbers have been marked as unidentified (na-maloom afraad) and no arrest has yet been made. It seems like after citizens now even LEA personnel aren’t safe in big cities of the country. This has raised serious concerns on the overall law and order situation of the big cities in Pakistan.

We urge government of Pakistan to take stringent actions against the rising crime rates in the big cities because it could affect the tourism industry of the country.

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