Swat, Kalam and Matiltan along with Mahodand Lake

Matiltan valley is situated about 11 km from Kalam district Swat in KPK province of Pakistan.

The valley is covered with large white glaciers, thick forests and mountain peaks. The tallest peak of Falak Sar mountain can be seen from clearly from this valley.

On the way to this beautiful and mesmerizing valley you can feel the charm of lake Mahodand along the thrilling ride of a four wheel vehicle because it is accessible through a non metaled road.

swat Pakistan must visit

On the other hand Kalam valley is situated at a distance of about 99 kilometers from Mingora in the northern higher spreads of Swat valley along the shores of Swat River in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.

You can also enjoy astounding lakes, dense forestry and lush green hilly-areas alongside waterfalls and mesmerizing landscape all at one valley.

mahodand lake


Swat is totally safe and sound at this time of the region and many tourists had recently been to Swat and its adjoining areas where they have not only spent quality time but also they have enjoyed a lot and filmed their experience throughout their expeditions.

swat pakistan must visit

One foodie written his review on trip adviser website

“If you have craving of chapli kebab in swat then Bahrain is the best place to eat Chaplin kebab. In the middle of the city there are so many shops for Chapli kebab. Kebabs taste are amazing served with local bread and salads”

One traveler quoted

“Yes of course swat valley is the Switzerland of Pakistan very lush green beautiful and excited view is so beautiful must visit because its a beauty of class every where apple apricots and Many many fruits smiles everywhere”

We recommend you to have a visit and share your experience with us.

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