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So finally, the third phase of MCU came to an end with Spider Man’s- Far from Home as we fan says it the end of an era which is sad, But But But But!!!! It’s the new beginning as Marvel has announced its Phase-4 movies along with its casts which were recently introduced in Comic-On 2019 and we are excited, also for all our Pakistani’s it is a proud moment that our very own Pakistani “Launda” Kumail Nanjiani has bagged its first Marvel Super Hero role as KINGO in MCU’s Eternals along with some big names such as Angelina Julie (Atta Boy!!!).

Spiderman Far From Home


Now coming back to the Spider-Man Far from Home, the film starts with some post-SNAP End Game saga i.e. the present day where timeline has been shaken and half of the universe came back to life on the expense of our beloved Super Hero such as Iron Man, Captain America & Black Widow. Now in the present day people are adjusting with Post Snap happening’s it seems like everything has settled and calm but yet it’s always a busy day for Super Hero’s as they have responsibilities.

Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is excited for its High School’s Science trip where he has plan to impress MJ (Zendaya) frankly it was science trip to Europe but there was no sign of science in the whole trip but we don’t care because our boy didn’t care about it either as his planning roams around to impress MJ and make it a romantic journey in Europe (Aurat Ka chakar Babu Bhiya Aurat Ka chakar) HAHA!! Nevertheless, fate has its own plan.

Spiderman Far From Home Zendaya Love Story

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The movie roams around one big question that who is NEXT IRON MAN, obviously it is very much obvious that Tony  Stark has already had his Heir which he personally trained and nurtured and yes he is one of the reasons for which Tony has given the big sacrifice which we have already seen in Avengers’ End Game. But the young kid Peter Parker who is Spider-Man, but his personality traits shown in comics and which have been adopted by all 3 Spider-Mans that our spidey has Powers, resistance, courage but when it comes to Peter Parker he is Shy, nervous, self-questioning young boy who messes up the situations, except in MCU’s verse he has the God Father Tony Stark who once said to him and I Quote “If you are nothing without the suit, then you don’t deserve it”. And here he has the responsibility to prove himself as the true heir of Tony Stark aka Iron Man. The boy has a lot to do (He surely did prove himself, common that’s all the movie is about so it’s not the spoiler, but how he did that is the actual thing for which you have to watch the movie).


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Not spoiling the whole Plot, I would talk about the performances of Protagonist and Antagonists of the movie: let’s start with Jake Gyllenhaal who has debuted in MCU as the main Antagonist “Mysterio”, his portrayal is convincing, no doubt about his acting he is a fine toned actor and here he has proved it once again, Director Jon Watts has its own flayer of twists and turns which he successfully did in the first installment of the movie and repeated it again convincingly fully backed and nailed by Gyllenhaal. The right note of the emotions to deceive the Protagonist at a couple of occasions is one of the USP of the movie and the credit fully goes to Jake Gyllenhaal.

Spiderman Far From Home Critical Review

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Now talking about the Protagonist Peter Parker aka Spider-Man, Tom Holland has already convinced us that yes is our Spider-Man, a young boy who is confused, nervous having self-doubts but simultaneously courageous, never giving up and making things right altogether makes him the lovable character of MCU. His performance is effortless he convinces you that yet he has doubts and not ready to have that much of the responsibility as an Avenger but yet he is in the making because Tony can’t be wrong. The chemistry between Tom and Zendaya is cute and add flavor to the movie however it is very brief but I guess it is the requirement of the movie and smartly done by the Director because the movie is about whole other things.

Spiderman FarFromHome Protagonist

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To sum up, short Marvel has done it again, Fans are satisfied with the end of an era and Marvels’ third phase. The movie is like a chill breeze after the Endgame saga and surely a hero in the making who has bigger responsibilities in the future.

I’ll go with 3.5 out of 5. (A satisfied Marvel Fan)

And Congratulations to all Marvel Fans as Avengers-Endgame has finally beaten Avatar’s box office record in its second attempt but who cares as long as we are Marvel fans

“WE DID IT” Yayyyyyyy!!! “Haha”

Review By: Hussain-AL-Naseer


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  1. Muhammad Haris Bashir // July 29, 2019 at 1:17 pm // Reply

    Good work Hussain.
    Impressive story telling skills.
    Keep improving.

    Mazel Tov!

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