PUBG Mobile EvoGround From Desi Perspective

What is PUBG EvoGround?


PUBG is our beloved mobile gaming application and in April 2019 in its update release rolled out the newest feature that introduces us to EvoGround. The PUBG EvoGround replaced the event mode but still game features the event mode separately with more innovative events, in the popular gaming application.
PUBG Mobile Feature

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The Concept:

The idea behind the introduction of this new and innovative development as autonomous mode along with the horror and thriller filled Zombie apocalypse, just kidding was to have an innovative and new enhancement in the game, which would ultimately give back the developers interest of its players (users).

Zombie mode based on two captivating scenarios;

  1. Survive till Dawn 2 (we call it rebound)
  2. Darkest Night
PUBG Zombie Mode

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Survive till Dawn:

A gamer starts with the best planning and surviving skills can win this mode. You will have to be vigilant and sharp while playing this mode. Zombies’ ability to hurt players are dependent upon the time of the day as the night starts to roll in zombies become more and more hungry for blood and your brains, in the day time which would not last longer than few minutes before it enters into night you can easily roam around and collect your surviving gears and kill some other players while enjoying fresh air (you will know why I said it).

This new feature based on the older concept of survival of the fittest while the pace of the mode is now more and nippier. The hoards of zombies come in seeking fresh food from the players’ avatars. The fog makes it really difficult to fight a long distant target and eventually turning it into impossible to see far away from the standing ground.

Are you feeling like you have already played games like this before? then you are correct. Resident Evil, yes the legendary Resident Evil collaborated with the PUBG developers to make PUBG Mobile once again number one. Moreover; it features two legendary monstrous creatures from the Resident Evil 2 which would indiscriminately spawn at night time. A player can also win tones of new gears and full-on costumes.

PUBG Mobile Survive Till Dawn EvoGround

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Darkest Night:

Gamers are put in unusual places over the map as the lobby which is very well known to us from the beginning, for the waiting time surrounded by the blue locked zone which then unwraps as the match begins. In this new mode, gamers are required to survive until dawn and defend themselves from the ferocious and bloodthirsty zombies. The gamers run to the nearby buildings to pick and choose supplies earlier than the zombies launch a strike attack.

PUBG Mobile Darkest Night EvoGround

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The Difference:

The difference between these two modes is that the players have to search for protection in the houses before the attack starts. The atmosphere in the darkest night penetrated by the lethal green goo gases that begin to tightening the visibility over your mobile screens, yes! This is harmful to your health too. PUBG Mobile has also come up with new special effects that are general for equally available for both types of Zombie modes.

The most important with this update is, your player’s health will now remain increasing as the gamer execute more zombies. Prior, the gamer had to restore their health using kits and bandages in order to undo the damage caused by the living dead. The possibility of the dead (not like the immortals) while surviving is now increased as the assault would continue without any desirable breaks.

The Strategy:

Strategy for Zombie mode is simple, survive while you can. My opinion, one must keep roaming around the map and find shelters one after another. Do not try to revive your teammates for long as the living dead are more striking towards those who become a help for others. Take all the necessary supplies at the beginning of the match because you will need those afterward. Your health will recover as you kill the immortals (what really?). the risen from the dead are sponge bags towards your bullets so try to outsmart them and not try to execute them entirely.

PUBG Mobile Survive Till Dawn Strategy

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The Nostalgia:

Another introduction of the Team Death Match brings me back to my memories of Counter-Strike days where one can easily spend the day without missing someone while playing deathmatches with unlimited lives. Although, in PUBG Mobile Team Death Match as you can have unlimited respawn but limited wins the game will end when one of the team will finish 40 wins first. Each team consists of 4 members and an unlimited amount of ammunition.

The PUBG Mobile developers have also added an MVP platform structure at the end of each match from the winning team for one player who has the highest kills, and all players will receive a default MVP pose. There is now also a dedicated button for climbing, and this can be enabled from settings. The main of these additions is the introduction of fast-paced firefights in both First-person shooting and Third-person shooting.

PUBG Mobile Warehouse Team mode

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Wrapping up:

In the end, we can easily fall in love again with this never-ending wonder. In my perspective people should pay great attention towards the minute details and they will surely find interesting and fascinating stuff during the gameplay along with enjoyment, relaxation, and leisure.

P.S; be careful because these updates are so attractive and compelling that one would find difficult to distance from it even after a long time.

Leave your comments and let us know what you have in your zombie food (the minds).

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