Pakistani stars vs Priyanka Chopra’s stance on patriotism

Indian actress and United Nation’s Goodwill ambassador Priyanka Chorpa displeased her Pakistani and international fans with her latest statement at the BeautyCon when a Pakistani woman called the actor a hypocrite for supporting Indian Army and war. She has tweeted about it when the Pakistan and India were toe to toe with each other in the late February this year.

Indian actress Priyanka Chopra was confronted by a Pakistani-American woman, who called her a “hypocrite” over her pro-army tweet.

The Indian actress Priyanka Chopra went on demeaning Ayesha Malik, instead of giving a well-adjusted reaction as UNICEF Ambassador.

“I have many friends from Pakistan and I am from India, war is not something I am fond of but I am so patriotic, I’m sorry if I hurt the sentiments of people who do love me and have loved me,” she added. Numerous fans and celebrities disagreed with the actor’s tricky attitude on the matter, including Pakistani celebs.

The Pakistani celebrities took to twitter to share their opinions on Chopra’s latest proclamation.

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