Netflix may block users who share passwords

Netflix has revealed it is observing people who share their passwords to others.

Netflix Chief Product Officer (CPO), says he is aware that users share their password to avoid repaying a periodic subscription, but doesn’t reveal the number of users in fact share IDs with passwords.

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Daily Mail

Further, Greg Peters said in an interview that the business would be considering consumer-friendly means to halt large crowds sharing a single subscription.

More people can use the same login as long as they know the usernames and passwords.

Approximately 10% of Netflix users don’t bother paying for their subscriptions, survey conducted by CNBC. Nearly about 35% of Millennial share passwords with their loved ones, compared to 19% Generation X, and 13% Baby Boomers.

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NY Post

The streaming giant also declared 6.77 million paid subscribers are now added in the quarter that ended in September 2019, putting credit into the basket of hit shows like “Stranger Things” and “13 Reasons Why.”

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All in all Netflix may not be so happy for its subscribers saving off their friends’ and family’s subscriptions in the future.

As for now they (Netflix) got no big plans in terms of doing something different there, but how long no one know at least not outside their offices.

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