Nearly 6,000 Sexual Assaults Uber Data Revealed

Careem and Uber are the two premier private cab services operating in Pakistan with some good some irrational taste. Basically, Careem first started its business in Pakistan in March 2016 and in the same month Uber decided to give a tough time to the new comer.

Funny, Uber intended to acquire Careem in the month of March 2019 and now Uber is the parent company of Careem. So, basically if you are using Careem you are paying to Uber unintentionally.

Last year (2019) Uber has revealed an astounding number of sexual assaults in its report that happened in USA only. It also states that these kind of reports are a setback to organization’s reputation but still Uber public this information because at this time Uber consider it to be a matter of everyone’s safety and at the same time Uber present this report to highlight its importance towards the client base.

This report of sexual assaults is based on the data collected in two years 2017 and 2018 in US alone. Currently Uber has no plan to publish any such report with reference to any other country but it has intentions to issue in other countries too in the future.

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The revealing astonishing numbers of sexual assaults in its first ever safety report issues on Dec. 5, are 5,981 almost stirring as high as 6,000. If you think these numbers are not enough then you should read the next, same report revealed that the 464 reports of rape over a two-year period – 2017 to 2018 is part of the said report.

Liberty Vittert (Professor of the Practice of Data Science, Washington University in St Louis) states in The Conversation, “From my perspective as a data scientist, however, the numbers may not be as alarming as some reports have claimed”.

For its defense Uber has issued a comparison of rides it took in 2018 and assaults happened in the same year that merely stands at 0.0002%. It means that if you are riding an Uber cab then your being a victim of harassment or sexual assault stands at merely 0.0002%. But remember this data is from USA and not from Pakistan.

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Express Tribune

In Pakistan, 2018 is the year when Careem and Uber both came into the highlights as the cases of sexual assaults, harassment, kidnapping or torture by cab captains haunted their rides.

In 2016 female staff member of a famous news agency, filed complaint against a prankster captain who was harassing her through calls and Facebook messages after she had used the service. Upon lodging a complaint, however, the cab-hailing service was quick to respond and sacked the driver.

Although both Uber and Careem have features in their applications for situation of emergency or other issues but safety and security features required open public advertisements and education through modern communication mediums to curtail these concerns in the country.

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