Mohsin Abbas & Fatima Sohail Fiasco Over Social Media

It was the tale of Sunday 21st. I was up earlier than the half of the Karachi city at least. As my routine, before turning to the other side of my sleep couch I picked up my cell phone and started to navigate around my Facebook news feeds. Getting updates about contemporary internal and external stuff. Same old bulletin nothing to wonder. PM Imran Khan reached the USA, the opposition was in hot waters, Ukhano was accused of harassment, memes full of area 51 jokes, and what else you can expect.

Also, some nice fresh faces of kittens, cats and man’s best friend to make the day brighten and full of joy.

Dwelling further down the next feeds on my social media presence when suddenly I got stuck on a post about a female been ruthlessly beaten and threatened by her husband. For a fraction of second, I thought it is not new in our society. But then I came across the name of the accused culprit which was none – other than the famous celebrity who has unleashed the masculine power on his wife (as the pictures suggested which were attached in the post for evidence purpose).

Mohsin Abbas Beat His Wife

Source: Google Images

Not writing here to describe what has happened when and how, or also not writing anything about sides of the story because social media and our own opinions would have done the job critically in this regard. My concern here is to ponder upon reaction culture on social media based on the incident which could possibly be happened to anyone exposed to such events full of tragedy and despair.

Belonging to the male gender of the society I have witnessed that a great many times my own gender consider its right to exert masculinity on the other gender to gain their wishlist. This culture is not new and has its roots deep inside our family culture (I am not against family culture).

Well, the question of the moment is that why now the “ideal personalities” are accepting it as a norm around the corner? Especially celebrities who appear on TV, movies, or dramas are the inspiration for the society and if they promote this culture of domestic violence, which in this age of social media would not go unchecked then it would definitely frame a deeply negative impact on the immature minds of their viewers which are present on social media in a big number these days.

The reactions from different platforms and various personalities which goes through my sight will be analyzed in the following lines. Of course, this list will not be exhaustive but cover major reactions with every aspect of our values we have learned so far from this culture.

In the first, the celebrity shared thoughts on the incident (which visibly a witticism from some random fb user and not a genuine perspective) where the user had portrayed as the actor himself and stated the reason for the incident in a funny way. It may be satire but some cases are not meant to be presented for such kind of behaviors. Then came a comment (authenticity of which is questionable obviously) on the post where he used the words which we cannot write here.

Mohsin Abbas Haider Commented

Source: Google Images

Some random comment from casual users were accusing the victim of the incident and similarly praying for the betterment.

Public Comment Mohsin Abbas vs Fatima Sohail

It was extremely difficult to see that the people have the audacity to routinely making entertaining memes on a sad incident which could turn the lives of the two persons.

Then there were other popular celebrities who were clearly against the act of aggression from their own gender side. This had somehow helped to elevate the status of my own gender.

The talk of the town would remain half-cooked if we did not mention the now acclaimed social worker who is pretty much active in these days Mr. #WaqarZaka. Waqar had also extended his hand for help in legal matters if the victim wanted to.

Popular FB page Informistan also highlighted the issue with a Chinese proverb which is also eye-opening.

Informistan FB MohsinvsFatima


Another comment from the neighbor of the actor accused him for anger and brutal actions.

Mohsin Abbas Neighbor Comment

The trend of using popularity and power to influence the females and gain whatever they want is becoming a daily norm in the Pakistani media industry this is resulting not only in the degradation of our entertainment industry similarly creating negative impacts on the young generation.

On the other hand, it is also true that a great number of women in Pakistan are really scared to marriages because of several reasons and behavioral impacts from the other gender, some have gone through and some have heard and saw about these. The thrashing by males is also one of the numerous causes. The below-mentioned reaction is the result of this.

Last but not least, the following picture is also depicting some issues pertaining to the deep roots of another gender which is creating concerns for their own gender.

Nazish Jahangir Mohsin Abbas


Before the conclusion let me tell you that the actor has recently conducted a press conference against the allegations which you can follow on other social media.

We pray that people in our country may understand that the other gender is also equally respectable and our God has made that gender gracious and polite and our religion teaches us the same.


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