Marvel: The Universe is Expanding! on Disney+ (plus)

It’s all about the Marvel Universe

Marvel gives us another heart racing teaser of how they’re going to now glue us to the small screens. The universe is expanding and the fans are more than happy about it. People are going crazy over this short clip that Disney+ just revealed. In mere thirty seconds Marvel has bamboozled fans all around the globe and spread happiness in every nook and corner of their hearts.

Marvel cinematic Universe has had the top spot over the past decade leaving behind some pretty big franchises and running them over. Starting off with the Iron Man they’ve had some huge successes which ended with the most epic movie of the decade “The Endgame” of the Avengers series.
Marvel fans cried their hearts out as they thought that Endgame would’ve been the last of the masterpieces that they’ll see the Avengers in. How wrong they were.

Fans are now

waiting for more

than ever

In this little teaser we can see the faces that we love and adore and definitely cannot see in any other form than that of the Avengers once again put on their suits and have come to dazzle their greatness on the screen.

the universe is expanding NDTV Gadgets

NDTV Gadgets

We see the beautiful WandaVision getting her own timeline and oh my god I know that my eyeballs aren’t gonna blink once during watching her back in action. The legacy of the legendary shield as it will now be wielded by Falcon as trusted by the wisest of the wise Captain America. With him Bucky is back in action and ready to show off those super gorgeous arms and steal all your chicks away.

Last but never the least, Loki makes his return after the heart wrenching dying scene in the Infinity War. However, now he returns and fans are already hyped up about it because Loki never fails to bring out the devil inside you! Marvel are working absolutely hard to preserve the Cinematic productions and we salute them for all the masterpieces that they are delivering!

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