Lebanese Reporter Kissed During Live Broadcast Harassment or Not?

Lebanese reporter kissed during live broadcast sparked fierce debate of Harassment or Not?

Popular female anchor and reporter Darine Al Helwe of Sky News Arabia’s kissed while she was covering the Lebanese protest live on air.

The reporter was on live broadcast from Riad Soloh Square in the capital Beirut when a male protester kissed her on her cheek, according to Gulf News. In the video viral over social media platforms, Al Helwe was seen surprised and froze for a short but brief moment then nervously grinning and collecting herself before she continued reporting.

The ferocious debate triggered after footage was shared online between social media users, activists and journalists, who were divided on the incident.

Social media was clearly at odds over the case as some sought corner of the reporter and relied on women card while others resort to same incidents happened against men to highlight the gender biasness prevailing in the society.

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“The sad part abot this news is not the harassment. But the fact that those guys have been protesting for weeks against corruption. Which led to the resignation of their PM but still they are not stopping…the amazing thing abt the protests is that the Sunnies, Shias and Christians. All are united together…their govt was using the policy of divide and rule…but it failed.. having said that…none of it has gone as viral as this stupid incident…and it will distract the ppl from the movement” Someone from Social Media.

Speaking to Gulf News, El Helwi called the kiss “unacceptable”.

“I was live when I felt the kiss, without seeing him. I tried to continue reporting professionally although my voice was shaky. Despite the unacceptable act, I remained emotionally stable and maintained eye contact with the camera,” she said.

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