Joker – First Successful Antagonist Movie of the Year

This time it’s the Villain

Author: Muhammad Zarak Khan


DCEU have presented us considerable numbers of fascinating superheroes like Superman, Batman and then specifically the Wonder-woman, which the people always admire and typically they’re the ones who receive the appreciation from fans. Heroes always remain the ground zero, they have movies and some even have their series based on their heroism. However there is an anti-hero that has always been the centre of stage.

The Background

This adversary that we are going to talk about is the “Joker” from the all famous Batman movies. We’ve witnessed Joker to be the biggest challenge that Batman has ever faced throughout the DCEU history. Joker due to his vicious humor and cruel acts of compassion towards his own-self has been an inclination to watch. Somehow this super rogue desperado remain successful to grab the attention of the fans and make his own precise place in their hearts.

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Joker – yes the best one….

Recently director Todd Phillips directed a movie based on the Joker. Choosing Joaquin Phoenix to play this character, Todd Phillips has gifted us with the movie of the decade. This movie brings the chills to the fans that watched the movie. An outflow of goosebumps haunts you as the movie proceeds onto its different dimensions. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry had seen the Joker from the beginning in his heinous form. He’s been seen to challenge the Batman right from the very beginning and gave him a hard time. There have always been rumors relating to the origin of the Joker. What were the circumstances that led him into being this super villain?

Todd Phillips put all of his focus into the origin of the Joker. The movie is completely based on the story that led this particular person into being the way that we see him today. The fans were taken into the dark past of the Joker who then revealed to be Arthur Fleck. The most believed absurd origin story based on rumors that has been shut out by Todd Phillips and he has used the dilemmas in society with perfection as a mean to give birth to the Joker.

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Joaquin Phoenix has played his part beautifully as Arthur Fleck, who is an outcast in society and how the society has demeaned him throughout his life. A huge twist was brought in with the concept of Thomas Wayne as being the father of Arthur Fleck. This shook the fans to their core in between the movie and they were forced to actually believe to a point that he might actually be a half brother to Bruce Wayne.

P.S: Thanos was also loved and understood villain but the Joker was best.

Arthur Fleck has had enough of the evil society and has now decided to become part of the immoral and stand above it. He openly accepts the abyss and embraces the atrocious that he had been fighting his whole life and was running away from. The movie portrays that when he does so he chooses to do this in the form of the Joker and has plans to unleash hell on the world filled with deceitful saviours. Bursting with murderous content Arthur Fleck has no on-going quandary to commit major crimes and has no shame in blaming it on the society.

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The Joker flourished on the big screen breaking a number of records earning staggering $1.051 billion. The movie left behind some major blockbusters to taste the dust. This is a big achievement seeing that it’s a villain based movie. No matter how much you deny if you’ve watched the movie there is some or the aspect of the movie that will steal your heart away whether it’s the acting, the plot of the movie or even just the cinematography of it. The Joker is by far the greatest movie ever to come and definitely the movie of the decade.

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