John Wick vs Neo: Keanu vs Keanu

Yes you heard it right! The guy who defied the laws of physics when we were too young to even comprehend them correctly and the guy who will kill anyone who gets in his way are going to be competing to get the top spot in the cinematic food chain.

The action awaits in May 2021

According to the reports the fourth edition of The Matrix and the fourth chapter of John Wick are to be released on the same date that will be on May 21, 2021. Oh yes it has gotten the fans to sweat already just by hearing the news I wonder how they’re going to feel when the day is actually very close. First we thought Keanu already got his big break at the time of the Matrix trilogy but then came in John Wick the ultimate assassin. The man sure knows how to land the biggest surprises which by the way can tell us his girlfriends’ must’ve been pretty happy with him lol.

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The fans have now been hit by

a storm of excitement

The world first saw Keanu in all his glory in the movie The Matrix where he is seen to be playing the role for Neo who is at a war with a simulated system which seems to be shaping the ultimate reality.
The movie turned out to be a huge blockbuster and became the captive of a million hearts all around the world. With that Keanu also made a name for himself. He became a major heartthrob back in the day and went on to star in the next two installments of the Matrix.

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After the Matrix Keanu set his eyes on an even bigger role which was going to bring him back into the game. This was John Wick who is a professional assassin and apparently the best at what he does. Everything seems to be going for the John Wick until he meets the love of his life and decides to call it quits on his profession. The things we do for love! This leads to a series of events that shook up the fans thus giving him another major boost in his career.

The fans have now been hit by a storm of excitement and can’t wait to lay eyes on both the movies. It’s just a matter of time to see which part of Keanu turns out on top. This will surely be a race to see. So hold on tight and wait for Keanu to do his magic!

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