James Bond 007 No Time To Die – Trailer Review

Bond…. James Bond

I bet you have pronounced the Bond name in James Bond rhyme or might just felt it because this is the name that always sound so cool and bad-ass no matter how many times you say or hear it.

Fans of Bond this one is absolutely for you as this is the time for you to brace yourselves with excitement and ecstasy new Bond sequel is just around the corner. Two days ago first teaser was released and now the exciting whole new trailer is here.

No Time To Die

New release will be the final piece of acting from Denial Craig as James Bond 007. Latest installment from Bond series; No Time To Die is all set to release in April, 2020 with fingers crossed. Its success would utterly be dependent on the acceptance from viewers and critics.

new bond movie daniel with beauty

The Mirror

Cast of the movie embraces famous Daniel Craig as usual the main character, and you won’t believe it but the new villain is none other than the eminent Rami Malek with all his shine and glory you might favor the villain over Bond. Further some familiar faces you would be watching in the movie include Christoph Waltz, Dr Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux), Q (Ben Whishaw), M (Ralph Fiennes) and Moneypenny (Naomie Harris).

Did we mention that there’s a new agent? A female bond well that’s what we call her. In the trailer male Bond ask his counterpart “Are you a double-O?” “Two years,” she replies. Lashana Lynch (the new one).

new bond movie daniel vs rami


From the first look at trailer you can sense the complete and promising acting from Daniel Craig as Bond that you have always wished for to see one last time. On the other end appearance of Rami as the crucial villain which lasts not more than few seconds in trailer gives you goose bumps.

Let us share a line from the trailer which will lasts forever in the reminiscences of the Bond followers as articulated by Bond himself.

“History isn’t kind to men who play God”

Now enjoy the trailer

We suggest you to refresh your memories for this installment of 007 series otherwise you may seek some serious questions.

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