Is Your Personal Computer a Male or Female?

The Great Gender Debate

Have you ever wonder, what is the gender of the machine on to which you play your favorite games, watch movies full of excitement and thrill, listens to your favorite genre of music when you feel down or spent your hours over the internet?

Do you know the gender of your computer Is it male or female

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If your answer is in negative then you are among the 99% of this world’s population the other 1%, well let them be for the moment lets concentrate on us.

In this rapidly shifting world, we do not pay attention to the fun side of our lives even sometimes this conquer our state of mind and in consequence, it brings in rigid behaviors. You don’t believe it but when we decide to bring in the amusing aspect of life as a part and parcel of our daily routine we become more and more creative, productive and innovative.

PC Male Or Female

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Keeping this in mind we brought to you the fun side of your machine (laptop, computer) where you can find the gender of your personal machine. Let’s not be a part of great gender debate and in who is more favored gender in this whole world from the beginning of times.

What you have to do is to follow following simple steps to realize what you are harboring since the days of the past.

  1. Open Notepad
  2. Type the following line in notepad
  3. Save the file as computer_gender.vbs
  4. Run the file.


CreateObject (“SAPI.SpVoice”).Speak”I love you”


If you hear a male voice, your Computer is a Male 😉

If you hear a female voice, your Computer is a Female 🙂

Simple is that once again reminding our valuable readers do not put yourself into dangers of the great gender debate otherwise you will be responsible for your own choices.

Comment below and let us know about your machines a Male or Female.


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