Is Karachi’s Poor Air Quality Leading its People to Depression & Mental illness?

Poor air quality and people of Karachi

Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan in terms of geographical land it covers and population it holds. Since long air quality and its whiff in the city of lights was as bad as odor from some rotten food and might be worse in some areas. This city was already suffering from many other infrastructural and natural hazard maniacs set aside the issue of poor air quality.

Karachi is now also known as the chaotic concrete jungle with not enough vegetation to counter the rapid increase in its pollution index. Since past few days Karachi is also suffering from a mysterious outbreak of poisonous gas near to harbor areas which to last updates have taken several lives.

This worst sort of air pollution clogs the lungs and contracts lifespans but many studies also have linked it to cause the higher risk of mental illnesses in elders as well as the young exposed ones, said researchers in a study based on health data from millions of patients.

poor air quality karachi

Population exposed to poor air quality on daily basis is more likely to be diagnosed with depression, mental fatigue, stress and other form of mental illnesses. Further, it could shrunken the life expectancy of children born any day by an average of 20 months, according to research published by a U.S. nonprofit institute, the Health Effects Institute. Moreover, childhood exposure was linked to a more than two-fold increase in schizophrenia, personality disorder, depression and bipolar disorder.

The World Health Organization (WHO) ballpark figures that air pollution kills 7 million people each year in the world. These numbers are being equivalent to 13 deaths every minute which in turns more than the combined total of war, murder, tuberculosis, HIV, AIDs and malaria.

On the other hand, while pollution’s effect on physical health is well known compared to its links with mental illness which at present been less explored.

Knowing that air quality has a definite impact on mental health should make us all more aware. It is a good idea to live in areas that do something about air pollution and if you cannot, you may want to look into positive ways to work on your mental health.

poor air quality karachi for feb

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