Is Berlin Doner & Gyro the Best in Town?

So the weekend that too was “Saturday” going boring when we decided to eat something from a random restaurant. Among many other choices like Burger Lab, Farhan Biryani, Burger O’clock, Big Thick Burgers and others we have decided to introduce our taste buds to something new and non – traditional aside from these routine menu.

It wasn’t easy to decide as the choices were many. Me, my elder brother and mother decided to try some less spicy and other than Continental, Chinese or too Desi. In the end we decided to order some from Berlin Doner & Gyro to try some less spicy and greasy.

berlin doner & gyro 2

So here we have our experience shared with you all (Ps: this is an unpaid honest review as That Foodie Blogger writes only unpaid / unadvertised honest reviews)

Ordered from Berlin Doner & Gyro using BOGO PK buy 1 get 1

Price of 1 Gyro PKR 650 (regular) – Ratings (9 / 10) & Doner PKR 670 (large) – Ratings (9 / 10)
Total bill PKR 1763 (inclusive of tax on both paid and free items and DC PKR 100)

berlin & gyro 3

Meat we ordered Veal and Chicken. Gyro is served in pita while Doner is in a waffle like bread. The taste was very mild but delicious because no extra sauces were there to dumb the taste of meat. The stuffing was meat, iceberg, sauce and fries.

We ordered “Classic and Chicago Classic” flavors which were way too mild (good for us as we don’t like much spicy foods). I would recommend spicy variant but mild is also good for those who avoids spicy food.

berlin doner & gyro 1

P.S : some may find it bland because we desies are fond of masala and spices.

That Foodie Blogger Ratings:
Taste : 9 / 10
Quality : 9 / 10
Quantity : 9 / 10
Value for money 7 / 10

Berlin Doner & Gyro

berlin doner & gyro meanu gyro horz

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