How To Tie A Tie in Five Simple Steps

Style is to tie a knot

Well, since my childhood I always wanted to be a gentlemen who wears a tie almost in his daily routine and tie a knot which stands eloquent and mesmerizing if someone sees it whether from near or far. I remember, I used to tie a full Windsor knot this was my favorite back in the days of my college.

We now let you learn 5 different styles to tie a tie knot according to the occasions or rituals. So without further ado lets get started.

5 Ways to tie a Stylish yet fashionable knot

1. Windsor Knot

Windsor knot is the most famous knot among the world leaders who wear formal fashion while meeting with other dignitaries. Windsor knot is the symbol of pride and elegance around the world. There are two types of Windsor knot Full Windsor Knot and Half Windsor Knot. This style includes simple steps and the following video helps you to understand the process easily.

2. Pratt Knot

Style of the executives and leaders of tomorrow. This style suits the personality of futuristic and energetic people around the globe. In easy and simple steps you can be the best of the best in looks.

3. Oriental Knot

This one is for the real operational core of the business where all the daily routine work goes through and without their hands on it you can’t do much about it. So, if you want to assert the importance of being the core of the operational core then you should try the Oriental knot.

4. Kelvin Knot

This one is for formal businessmen who conducts their business with other executives and remain busy most of their precious time. Stylish, sober and elegant. You can wear this necktie on several other occasions too.

5. Skinny Tie

Now, this one here is not a style in itself but one of many kinds which are readily available in the market and too-in into the fashion world around the globe. But, many who owns this tie doesn’t necessarily tie it as it should be tied. Here you can easily learn how to tie a skinny tie.

Tie with these styles and send your pictures on our Facebook page.

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