How to answer simple interview question?

Interview Tips!

A commonly asked question:

Why should we hire you for this role and not one of the other shortlisted candidates?


Why do you think you are the ideal candidate for this position?

It is one of the most dreaded questions by the interviewees and some find it rather rude. I’d say its a good question to gauge candidate’s understanding of the role, his / her confidence in their abilities and their interest in the job.

Before going to the interview have four to five selling points on the tip of your finger with good examples proving why are you the best candidate for the role e.g “I have good communication skills.., I have received accolades for.. I persuaded the entire team..”

Tell us why we should hire you

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Tell the interviewer: Why you want that job (not because you have bills to pay). What is it so interesting about it. How is the job valuable to you. How you possess the right skills and abilities required for the job.

Have questions prepared for the interviewer related to the job.

Throughout the interview appear interested no matter how long the interview is or how big the panel is. If the interviewer thinks you’re not really interested in the job, chances are you might not get it – no matter how good you are.

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