Honest Review for Lazzo De Café

Author: Farah Naz (Foodie and Food Blogger)

If you are looking for an unpaid and spontaneous review of this food outlet then you are at right place.

Lazzo De Café is located in the famous food square of Karachi which is SMCH (Sindhi Muslims Cooperative Housing Society) opposite to another famous Tariq Road.

In Karachi, it is not an easy task to select a place where you can get almost all at a single place. So, starting with the;


Charming and attractive interior of this place especially the hanging bulbs gives a serene look to the entire ambiance of this café.

Ambiance cafe de lazzo visit

Ratings 7.5 / 10

(they had room coolers which weren’t functioning well so yeah minus on that but this place has a lively interior with balloons hanging from the roof with satin ribbons so plus on that)


We ordered Dynamite Chicken (it tasted divine!)….

Ambiance cafe de lazzo food3

Chicken Cheese Steak (cheese filled steak with stir fried veggies and Alfredo Past)….sounds delicious.

Ambiance cafe de lazzo food2

Fried Rice with Chicken Shashlik

Ambiance cafe de lazzo food


Ambiance cafe de lazzo drinks
Strawberry Slush

All in all a tasty experience enough to compel someone in the guilt trip of being overfed just because the food tasted so good and wasn’t a dent on pocket…

Rating 8.5 / 10

This place is a must go for food lovers.


If you are planning to throw a surprise birthday party to your friends, then this can be your next food stop (as they have walls adorned with happy birthday foil balloons and is perfect for photography too as the sun rays filter directly from the glass windows and creates a subtle radiance all around).

Overall a wonderful experience and I suggest you guys to have a visit and share your experience with us.

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