Hamza Bhai Got Nikahfied in a Most Sadda Way and People Are Loving It All Over Pakistan

Hamza Ali Abbasi, aka ISI agent has finally tied his knots with Naimal Khawar in a most anticipated national event. The striking actor Hamza Ali Abbasi has managed to do this ceremony as simple as possible, he stated earlier in his social media post.

hamza ali wedding

Hamza described his wedding on Twitter where he explained the situations in which he proposed his best friend Naimal and how she respected his idea of keeping the relationship halal. Hamza said because he wanted to keep it halal for the sake of Allah and that is why Allah has put love in their hearts and they are totally inseparable now.

Hamza Ali Abbas

People were going senseless over this exclamation from Hamza and ranting their opinions through twitter which of course no one is heeding at this time. Like always, people making fun out of everything, he responded with yet another note.

Let it be and now move back to our beautiful discussion of Hamza’s wedding.

The merriments started with a simple Mayun ceremony. Both the actors kept their event modest and graceful.

hamza ali wedding 2 3


Bride was looking fabulous in her gorgeous wedding gown, she chose to wear her mother’s bridal dress which is also a lesson for others to keep it simple and respectful rather to spend thousands on a single dress.

Naimal image dress


Hamza Ali Abbasi was also looking dashing and sophisticated at the same time in his attire.

Team Pak Spirit pass on good wishes to the beautiful couple and wish them lasting happiness and eternal love.

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  1. Muhammad Haris Bashir // August 25, 2019 at 6:47 pm // Reply

    Great post.
    Simplicity is what makes a marrage beautiful.
    Kudos to Hamza Ali.

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