Google doodle games are back to end lockdown boredom

Popular Google doodle games

As of today, so many of us around the globe are either stuck at home or facing lockdown difficulties in our respective countries. We are eager for a way to help ourselves end this unrestricted boredom caused by the interminable lockdown.

Well, there is a way. Now you can play Google doodle games if you are feeling down because of your daily appalling routine. Google is doing its part to help cure your unpleasant repetitive actions by showcasing a popular game every day. Google has initiated this step on April 27th when its relaunched first doodle game “Coding for Carrots,”.

Till 1st May Google has launched 5 different games playable online and it will continue to launch new games, Google shows 10 slots for games from which 5 have been filled already. One thing which is the best feature is  while playing games you can learn about those doodles.

Google has introduced notable game and minigames on its homepage, all of which have been well-preserved and archived on the Google Doodle Blog. New series of 10 Doodles where each one a callback to one of the company’s popular games.

Google doodle games include;

Coding for Carrots

Launched in 2017, celebrated the 50th anniversary of Logo, the first-ever programming language designed for use by children. In the game, you’ll create simple combinations of commands that will tell your rabbit how to collect the carrots on each level.

coding for carrots



Doodle celebrated the ICC Championships Trophy 2017. Here in this game you can only bat and bat against the team snails. You can hit as many sixes and fours as you want and score countless singles and doubles. Your century either full or half and every stroke will be celebrated with echoes.

most popular google doodle games


Fischinger doodle game

Celebrating the 117th birthday of Oskar Fischinger, this Doodle gives you a simple and fun way to create music with incredible accompanying visuals you can spend many, many hours enjoying and mastering.

Fischinger doodle google


Theremin doodle game

Google Doodle offers a chance to easily play a song on a signature instrument from the 1930s, Clara Rockwell’s theremin. By stirring your mouse or finger over the notes, you can perform your own masterpiece on the theremin.

clara rockmores 105th birthday


Garden gnomes for Garden Day 2018

Originally celebrating garden gnomes for Garden Day 2018 (a German holiday), this game is an absolute blast from the past that lets you hurl gnome hundreds of meters, bouncing on clouds, mushrooms, and logs along the way.

Popular-Google-Doodle Games Garden Gnomes Game


Google Doodle Facts

Although Google has a dedicated team for its doodles called the Doodlers the first-ever Doodle was designed by Google’s co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin where they honored The Burning Man event in Nevada.
Google has created over 4,000 Doodles by 2019 featuring events, anniversaries, birthdays or days of note throughout history from around the globe.

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