Gol – maal

You might have seen a fusion of bands, flavors or even colors, but ever heard a fusion of two distinct cuisines in one!

Guppa ghotala best gol gapa

Well, you can now tantalize your taste buds with the ever famous gappa gothala, i.e. a fusion of life sized gol gappa filled with savoury, delectable chaat.

As soon as you gonna put a spoonful in your mouth , you will get a burst of flavours both tangy, sweet and savoury.

If you are already drooling to eat this, head straight to the nearest Mirchilli outlets and get this divine food for a nominal amount of PKR 240 only!

P.S. Ironically, they don’t parcel this heavenly food but the trick is you order two gappa gothalas, eat one and literally slaughter (read:murder) the other one with the spoon they give and simply ask them to parcel it.

Special note: Don’t practice this act in front of the gappa gothala vendors as they make such awful face expressions if you even ask them to parcel it, it would seem as if you have asked them to donate their kidney instead.
Happy eating!


Author: Farah Naz

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