First Interview of Asia Bibi after Her Acquittal Blasphemy Case

“My heart was broken when I left that way without meeting my family. Pakistan is my country, Pakistan is my homeland, I love my country, I love my soil”.

These are the words of Asiaa Bibi after her acquittal since four months.

The blasphemy case of Asiaa Bibi was not different then any other case of same nature currently the courts dealing with.

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Blasphemy cases in Pakistan pertains to a real critical and sensitive nature of cases where angry crowd does not demand less than the death of any accused.

Asiaa Bibi had already served eight years in custody in order to be heard by the Supreme Court of the country.

She was given death sentence in 2010 by a sub court of Punjab province of Pakistan which later on revoked by the higher court of Pakistan in November 2018.

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“Sometimes I was so disappointed and losing courage I used to wonder whether I was coming out of jail or not, what would happen next, whether I would remain here all my life,” she told The Daily Telegraph.

Soon after her release from the custody Asiaa Bibi left Pakistan and settled in Canada where they have plans to settle in one of a European country which was not disclosed.

“My whole life suffered, my children suffered and this had a huge impact on my life,” she told the daily.

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While she expressed relief over her acquittal and consequent freedom, Bibi said there were many others in Pakistan who also needed fair trials.

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