Egyptian TV series showed End of Israel with US

An Egyptian TV series by the name El-Nehaya (the end) shows Israel’s destruction alongside a devastated break-up of its closest ally, the United States which of course really pissed off the Israel. The Egyptian show set in the year 2120, yes 100 years from now, and it manifest that Israel is completely gone and the United States divided among its borders.

Info: Egypt was the first Arab country to sign a peace treaty with Israel. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi has fruitful relations with Tel Aviv and this partnership flourished as the two capitals are reportedly coordinating on several issues, including security in Sinai.

As per the Israeli foreign ministry, the series “is completely unacceptable especially because the two states have had a peace treaty for the past 41 years.”

The ultramodern show is bursting with sci-fi action and narrates the story of an engineer living in a dystopian world subjugated by cyborg clones. It is one of the many dramas and soap operas that air each night during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which began last week.

A little taste of story; in first episode, a teacher tells students about “the war to unshackle Jerusalem”, which he says happened less than 100 years after Israel’s establishment in 1948. The teacher (just like the professor) adds that people in Israel “ran away and returned to their countries of origin” in Europe.

Israel on the other hand said that the series was amazing and the people of Israel are now enjoying every new episode of it. Well, (TBH) Israel didn’t say that.

In reality Israel said that the series is ‘completely unacceptable’, but (as expected – wink) there was no immediate comment from Egyptian government.

I mean what the heck with Israel, India attacked on Pakistan and destroyed it entirely in their movies and may be in dramas (ah those Indian stories) and we never ever minded such “bold narrative” actually we didn’t need to heed. (Look at Israel crying like a baby)

In response to the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s statement, the Middle East Monitor quoted the scriptwriter of the series, Amr Samir Atef: “We present meaningful entertainment through this science fiction series. That’s why all the possibilities were on the table. All the possibilities were considered but the Israeli reaction, which I do not care about at all, was not.” In your face Israel.

In your opinion between Israel and US which needs to be destroyed and why Israel?

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