Dubai: Woman bought giant fake AirPods from Amazon

Remember! Some days ago, we have shared an image of huge Apple Air Pods the size of a large speaker on our Facebook page? Well, if you don’t have memory of that then I would say, worry not we got you covered.

So, the story goes like this; there’s a woman living in Dubai who had ordered cheap air pods from one of the biggest online ecommerce giants and when she received those she was astounded to see the size of that thing.

According to an Arab news source, an online buyer in Dubai was left speechless when she ordered counterfeit wireless Apple Air Pods from Amazon, and received the device which was even larger than her head in size. Shut the front door.

How the world gets to know about this btw?

She is a user of twitter by the name of @Al33rzay, there she posted the tweet which read like this “So today I received my airpods from Amazon. God these are huge,” she tweeted. She opened the package, and the fake Air Pods left her speechless. That’s interesting.

She further quoted; “I got the Air Pods from Amazon last month. I knew they were fake because Amazon sells weird stuff, and it wasn’t expensive. I was shocked not going to lie, but we move on,” she added.

giant airpods amazon fake

Source: Metro UK

According to a report in New York Post, the lady spent nearly $62 (Dh227.73) for the fake Air Pods, which normally retail for more than three times the price.

Her post featuring a photo of the enormous Air Pods received more than 72,000 retweets.

Most users compared the fake airpods with a hairdryer. “Most of you saying it’s hairdryer. But I say it’s ‘eardryer,'” she said.

Amazon did not comment on her tweet or the report but the tweet was deleted later, saying it contains “potentially sensitive content”.

Well, that’s weird.

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