Dad Invents an App that Locks Children Cell Phone in UK

A British news agency (Metro) reported that a dad living in Britain has come up with an application which will urge children to reply to their parents ASAP otherwise their cell phone will be locked.

Nick Herbert aged 47, was become so upset with his own son when his son Ben aged 15, started to ignore his father’s text messages.

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Nick by profession is a project manager and he invented an app named RespondASAP. This app ‘hacks’ the user’s phone by locking the screen and stopping the user from doing anything else other than to read the message and reply.

The app built with a functionality that it will sound alarm until the child reads the message, even if their cell phones remain on silent. Then the app sends back a message to the parent that their kids have read the message.

The application is available to all the parents who are annoyed with their children’s habit to ignore them. 2500 times people have downloaded the app since its introduction two years ago.

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In order to make this app work both the parents and their children have to download it in their cell phones. This is keeping in view the privacy and consent of the children and the situations where the rapid response would be necessary.

Talking to Metro UK father of Ben also said

‘So the application works on a two-way arrangement, where parent and child enter into a promise that both can send vital messages provided no-party abuse the opportunity. ‘To start with, Ben agreed to do it because he never imagined I’d go through with it. ‘But it’s worked a treat, and – since neither of us are sending loads of messages through RespondASAP all the time – it’s consenting.” Nick released the app in August 2017, when Ben got a smartphone.

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Nick has a message to all those who wants to download and use this app he said; I hope you enjoy it, use it responsibly and not while driving and can finally get hold of that person who always has their phone on silent.’ Smiles.

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