Cristiano vs Neymar Jr. in a boxing ring?

Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar Junior have gone head to head in a boxing match ring for the first time and people are losing their cool over this the duo filmed an ad campaign which will be released soon.

Cristiano Ronaldo Neymar Meo Boxing match fight

In a transitory clip posted on an Instagram account has shown the pair superstars of world football aligning against one another in the ring and beginning to mimic a match.

Upon watching the video my impression was, I thought this might be some real thing as the both stars are not only good at the football pitch but also they have a sort of friendship off the pitch and in that I assumed that this is happening in real. Actually, I was excited to watch a match a fighting match between these two.

At initial my reaction was precisely what was the resolve behind this the dust was settled and it became clear that the clip was from a Portuguese TV advert for mobile phone company Meo. Their website states: “MEO is a brand that revolutionized the Telco market in Portugal. “For the first time, a voice service provider also offered TV and internet services, using next generation optical fiber.”

Cristiano Ronaldo Neymar Meo Boxing match

Brazilian star’s prospects at PSG has been leaped into uncertainty this summer. Neymar wanted a return to his former star club Barcelona, but currently it’s vague if the Barca can afford the mega-money transfer.

Cris. said about Junior in his remarks; “We’ve worked together recently. But there’s a lot of talk about him for Madrid, Barcelona and Juve.

“It’s the press’ job because they need to sell, but I think he’ll stay in Paris. If not, he’ll go where he’s happy and where he can express his football a lot.

“I like to see him playing and regardless of where he is, taking care of himself and avoiding injuries. That’s what I want for him”.

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