Cristiano Ronaldo: The CR7 beats 2020 to it!

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Another mesmerizing performance for the Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. This man has yet again set the bar very high with an eye catching and heart racing hat trick in his recent clash against Cagliari.

Can you guess how many times he has done this before? Well the superhuman has done it 55 times before which makes this one his 56th!

Cristiano Ronaldo hat trick cr7Ronaldo hat trick cr7 new

Cristiano Ronaldo hat trick cr7 En24 News

Well can’t believe a human that too in late thirties can do this

Why do I call him a super human? Well obviously because keeping up this sort of a performance is inhumane. The guy is practically a super hero for his fans all around the world. What a time to be alive in for football lovers with two of the most legendary football players that have yet to walk the Earth giving it their level best on the field.

CR7 has started 2020 better than any other person ever could. He entered the stadium with a new haircut which is another domain that this person rocks flawlessly. He had an iPod shuffle attached to his shirt. I know you’re amazed but this is how the superstar from my point of view has kept his focus intact. No emails, no Instagram notifications or silly twitter memes popping up. Having his mind solely dedicated to the field.

Cristiano Ronaldo hat trick cr7

Cristiano Ronaldo hat trick cr7 En24 News

I bet Juventus is happy about getting themselves the worth for their money because Cristiano has yet again reassured that he does not have any plan in the near future to take it easy.


He scored his first goal by dominating the Cagliari goalkeeper Robin Olsen and guided the ball where it looks best.

The second was an opportunity that Cristiano Ronaldo rarely ever let’s go, a penalty. After Dybala was halted through a rough foul by the opposition CR7 showed no remorse and plunged it into the bottom right corner.

The third was a solo stunner by yours truly and that sealed the fate for his first hat trick of 2020 and 56th of his career bagging a clean win with a sheet of 4-0.

Just amazing to see how the Portuguese superstar carries on to amaze the world at an age of 34. Many tried their level best, but none will surely turn out to be as astounding of an athlete as the great Cristiano Ronaldo aka CR7. I guess he takes “survival of the fittest” pretty seriously and implements it in real life. Well now we know how it looks like.

Many heart warm wishes for him he continue to shine and bless us with more stunning performances and turn all his haters into believers.

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